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The animate plugin assists with triggering CSS animations, along with listening for the complete of said animations.


❯ yarn add animo-animate


import animate from 'animo-animate'
// Or via the script tag if you're not bundling
// <script src="path/to/animate.min.js"></script>

animate(document.querySelector('.some-element'), {
  classNames: ['animated', 'bounce']
  .then(function() {
    /* ... */
  .catch(function(err) {
    /* ... */

Default properties

  // Array of classname(s) that contain animation rules
  classNames: ['animated'],
  // Toggles removing of classname(s) on completion
  keep: false

One caveat with the animate plugin is that it does not contain a preloaded stylesheet (as the original animo did). It's entirely up to you which animations you use.

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